How the Scottish government supports convenience stores sell more fruit and veg

Scottish Grocers’ Federation Healthy Living Programme began in 2004 and works with convenience stores including those operating on NHS premises.  The aim of the programme is to improve the accessibility and sales of affordable healthy options within the convenience retail sector particularly those operating in deprived areas. Retailers are supported by a small central team and are provided with a branded stand to display fresh and healthy products and they receive training advice and a range of other point of sale materials. The latest data provided by the Scottish Government shows that 1932 stores are working with the programme with 65% in the most deprived areas.  The vast majority of these have the stands in place.  412 of these have fruit at the counter, 326 have reached the gold standard (SGF Healthyliving Programme, undated.) and 1539 are using the point of sale materials.  The quality of engagement by the retailers in the programme was very variable and a strong determinant of success and the quality of the F&V offer and of customer engagement, though the evaluation was not able to report data on sales impacts.  The programme costs approximately £300,000 per year (Black, Eunson, Setterfield, & Mori, 2014). NHS retailers are required to join the Healthy Living Programme and meet their Gold Standard criteria.



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