Big Bang Broccoli

Samuel Levie, founder of the Dutch organisation Food Cabinet, initiated discussion with growers in the Netherlands with a request to invest in an advert for broccoli.  Individual growers did not commit funds because there was no incentive for them when the advert would benefit other growers equally.  Even producer groups gave similar reasons.  In the end he secured an investment of €8,000 from the Dutch Produce Association and produced an online commercial which drew on the experience of fast food advertising to promote broccoli.

See it here

Big Bang Broccoli reached 2 million people within 2 weeks.  It triggered a big public debate about why there is no F&V advertising and helpedto bring the producer sector together to discuss advertising. It did not appear, however, to  drive up sales because it was not linked to a specific brand.  Food Cabinet used big brand slogans in its ad without permission but had nocomplaints.  Only Vodafone contacted them to congratulate them on the campaign! Food Cabinet followed this with a potato campaign Power to the Pieper which included a campaign logo which was also found on the packets in Dutch retailers.  This was a success.