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  • Sir John Hegarty, co-founder of advertising agency BBH, to judge competition to find a creative concept that could persuade children to eat more veg
  • The winning entry will be chosen in October and used in public spaces across the UK

Legendary advertising creative and Bartle Bogle Hegarty co-founder Sir John Hegarty today launched a competition with food think tank The Food Foundation aimed at persuading children across the UK to eat more veg.

Creative agencies, advertising and design students are invited to submit creative poster ideas which could be turned into a range of marketing materials aimed at getting children to eat their greens.

Image: Pixabay

The short-listed creatives will get a chance to meet Sir John on the day of judging and the winning entry will feature in the Drum and have their poster displayed in advertising spots across the UK. The winning ad will also be used by a major UK retailer.

A recent report by the Food Foundation revealed that 95.5% of kids leaving primary school don’t eat enough veg, and parents of primary school children report that 13 per cent of them eat less than a portion a day. Children’s recognition of logos and marketing relating to fast food brands forms at an early age and popular children’s characters are regularly used to sell fast food. In 2014 the UK food industry spent over £250 million promoting “unhealthy” foods for purchase in retail settings (Public Health England 2015b) but currently, only 1.2% of food and soft drink advertising goes on veg.

Image: Pixabay

That is why the Food Foundation has teamed up Sir John and The Drum to launch an advertising competition that will help persuade children aged 5-11 to eat their greens

The competition is open to advertising agencies, advertising and design students and creative agencies and focuses on an initial poster idea, which has the potential to be adapted to other media.

Sir John Hegarty said: ‘Advertising has a unique ability to change people’s habits. Doing so for good reasons is something our industry should be more focused on.’

Anna Taylor, Executive Director of the Food Foundation said: “We know that children are often able to recognise the golden arches before they can read their own name. Can you come up with a powerful creative concept that will convince the nation’s children to tuck into veg instead of burgers? They’re not eating enough veg to stay healthy, and we need to change that.”

In early October Sir John will whittle down the entries to a shortlist of 5, and chair a judging panel at the Food Foundation Vegetable Summit later that month to pick a winner. He’ll be joined on the panel by Michael Moszynski of London Advertising and a number of children.

The competition is part of Peas Please, a campaign led by the Food Foundation, Nourish Scotland, Food Cardiff and WWF.  This ground-breaking new initiative addresses declining levels of veg consumption and aims to bring together farmers, retailers, fast food and restaurant chains, caterers, processors and government departments with a common goal of making it easier for everyone to eat veg.

The Vegetable Summit will take place in London, Cardiff and Edinburgh on October 24th 2017.



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