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We all know we need to eat more veg. Across all four nations of the UK we’re just not getting our five a day, let alone the seven a day, which we should be going for. And the gap is big between rich and poor.


This isn’t about awareness. Five a day has been a great consumer education campaign. Now we need to change the food environment and the food system to make it easier for us to eat our veg.

We’re still developing ideas together, but we know it’s about at least five peas in a pod:

1. PLEASURE: making our veg delicious whenever we eat it and connecting us to where our veg comes from

2. PRODUCERS: growing veg sustainably at all different scales

3. PRICES: that work for producers and consumers

4. PRODUCTS: new ways of getting veg into what we buy and eat every day

5. PLACEMENT: more prominence in shops and on menus, more places to buy it in towns and cities


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